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Tinder Select: How to Get VIP Access to the Top 1% of Online Daters

Tinder Select is here and it's here to stay!

What is Tinder Select?Tinder Select Plan

Tinder Select is an exclusive, members-only version of Tinder for a select group of elite users. According to Tinder's website, "Tinder Select is a premium experience that offers members increased access to the most engaging people on Tinder" (Tinder SELECT Membership).

While regular Tinder membership is free, Tinder Select costs $499.99 per month. However, members cannot simply pay to join Tinder Select. They must receive an exclusive invitation directly from Tinder in order to gain access (The Verge, 2023).

Tinder Select members receive prioritized profiles and increased visibility. Their profiles are shown to more potential matches compared to regular members. Essentially, it's an exclusive tier of Tinder membership for those deemed high value or elite by Tinder's internal ranking system.

Who is Eligible for Tinder Select?

Tinder does not provide exact criteria for Tinder Select eligibility, but some key requirements have been reported:

You need to have an active Tinder profile for at least 6-12 months, according to Tinder's help site. This indicates you are an established, consistent user of the app.

You also need to have a high Elo score, which is Tinder's internal algorithm rating for your profile. This score is increased by having more matches, high quality conversations, and engaging with other high Elo score profiles.

In summary, to qualify for Tinder Select you need an old, active profile with evidence of being a valuable, desirable match. Having a high Elo score typically requires 6+ months of consistent, selective use of Tinder anyway. Patience and continually optimizing your profile are key to getting that coveted invite.

Optimize Your Profile

To increase your chances of catching Tinder's eye for an invite to Select, you need an outstanding Tinder profile. Follow these tips to make your profile irresistible:

Use a high-quality, professional headshot as your main Tinder photo. It should be well-lit, in focus, and show your face clearly. Smile and make eye contact with the camera for an approachable vibe. According to Tinder tips, lead with your best shot.

Craft an engaging, detailed bio that gives matches a sense of your personality and interests. Share your job, education, hobbies, and what you're looking for on Tinder. Be positive and add a touch of humor. Tinder bio tips say to highlight your lifestyle.

Link your Instagram account so potential matches can see your full social life. Tinder may evaluate Instagram followers and activity. Per Tinder profile advice, connecting Instagram builds credibility.

With an outstanding main photo, fleshed out bio, and linked Instagram, your Tinder profile will catch the eye of the Select team as they evaluate users for exclusive invites.

Increase Your Elo Score

Your Elo score is essentially your ranking on Tinder, determined by an algorithm that takes into account factors like your desirability, match percentage, engagement, and profile optimization. Increasing your Elo score can improve your visibility and likelihood of being invited to Tinder Select.

You can increase your Elo score by being more selective with your right swipes. Swiping right on every profile will dilute your score. Instead, be pickier and only swipe right on those you genuinely like. This improves your match-to-like ratio.

You should also have engaging conversations with your matches. Thoughtful messaging and showing interest keeps matches engaged. Quickly unmatching or ghosting can negatively impact your score.

Finally, use Tinder's Boost feature during peak hours like evenings and weekends. Boost makes you the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, increasing your profile views and match potential. Strategically using Boost can provide an Elo score bump.

With selective swiping, engaging messaging, and strategic Boosting, you can steadily increase your Tinder Elo score and improve your chances of getting invited to Tinder Select.

Link Your Instagram Account

Linking your Instagram account to your Tinder profile can significantly increase your chances of getting invited to Tinder Select. Here's why:

It shows you have an active social life. Tinder wants to invite vibrant singles with lots of friends and activities. Linking Instagram gives them a window into your lifestyle beyond just your dating profile. They can see you have an exciting life worth showing off.

It gives potential matches more photos to view. While Tinder limits you to just a few photos, Instagram shows the full spectrum of your personality through hundreds of pictures. This visual storytelling helps you connect more authentically.

It increases your credibility and attractiveness. According to research, having an Instagram linked makes you appear more real and builds trust. It also allows you to showcase your best self through curated Instagram photos and stories.

As social scientist Dr. Lisa Wade notes, "Potential suitors are using these interconnected profiles to get a better, broader idea of who someone actually is." So take advantage of this feature to reveal your most alluring self to Tinder.

Answer Tinder's Profile Questions

One way to increase your chances of getting invited to Tinder Select is to thoroughly answer the profile questions Tinder provides. Tinder gives you the option to answer questions about yourself like "My golden rule", "I'm looking for", and "A perfect first date".

Taking the time to provide thoughtful responses to these questions allows your personality, interests, values, and what you're looking for in a relationship to shine through. This gives potential matches way more insight into who you are as a person.

In addition, answering all of Tinder's questions gives your matches easy conversation starters. Instead of just putting your favorite food, describe an ideal meal complete with appetizer, entree, dessert, and drink. This sparks discussions about shared interests and fun "would you rather" questions.

So take the time to provide thoughtful, detailed responses to all of Tinder's profile questions. This is one of the most effective ways to get on Tinder Select's radar as an engaging, high-quality profile worth matching with.

Use a High-Quality Primary Photo

Your primary profile photo is the very first impression a potential match will get. Studies show it can take just 150 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion of your photo, so making it stand out is crucial (Source).

When selecting your primary photo, make sure it:

  • Is recent - Within the last 6 months
  • Shows your face clearly - No sunglasses or hats obscuring you
  • Makes eye contact with the camera - This draws people in
  • Has good lighting - Natural sunlight is best
  • Shows a genuine smile - Warm and approachable

Selfies and group shots should be avoided as your main profile photo. Instead, opt for a simple headshot or clear body shot taken by someone else. Having a high-quality, flattering primary photo will boost your perceived attractiveness and get more matches according to experts

Write an Engaging Bio

Your Tinder bio is one of the most important parts of your profile. Along with your photos, it gives potential matches their first impression of who you are. An engaging bio increases your chances of getting more matches who are genuinely interested in you.

Aim for 2-3 short paragraphs highlighting your personality, interests, job, or education. For example: "Software engineer who loves hiking, baking, and cuddling with my golden retriever. Forever student - just finished my MBA at Stanford. Ask me about my favorite national parks or dessert recipes!"

Mention your career or educational background to showcase your ambition and success. But balance it with hobbies and interests to appear well-rounded.

End your bio with an open-ended question to encourage conversation. For example: "What's your favorite weekend getaway spot?" or "What podcasts should I be listening to?" This gives matches an easy opening line to start a chat.

Avoid generic or overly boastful bios. Show your unique personality. On you can find tons of examples like here.

Be Patient for Your Invite

Tinder Select invites are sent out gradually to eligible profiles. According to the Tinder Help Center, your profile goes through their 5-Point Select Screening process if you meet certain criteria. However, there is no exact timeline for receiving an invite after you become eligible.

Tinder wants to maintain an optimal ratio of men to women in Tinder Select. So they strategically send out invites in waves to keep the community balanced. The key is staying active on Tinder, continuing to optimize your profile, and waiting patiently for Tinder to recognize you as a top contender for an invite.

Don't be discouraged if your invite takes months to arrive. With no set timeline, receiving a Tinder Select invitation is more like a marathon than a sprint. Persistently work on improving your profile while maintaining realistic expectations. If you meet all the criteria and give Tinder time to evaluate your eligibility, your patience and perseverance will pay off with access to Tinder's most elite dating community.

FAQs About Tinder Select

Tinder Select is an exclusive, invite-only version of Tinder. According to Tinder, Select provides "unrivaled access to the absolute best of Tinder" (Tinder). Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this elite dating app experience:

What is Tinder Select?

Tinder Select is a premium version of the Tinder app available by invite only. It was launched in 2017 in select markets. Tinder Select provides additional features and visibility for qualifying members. Profiles invited to join Tinder Select gain access to features like unlimited Super Likes and free Boosts to get their profiles seen by more potential matches (Tinder).

How does Tinder Select work?

Tinder uses an algorithm and other metrics to determine the top performing profiles to invite to Tinder Select. Criteria may include your profile's Elo score, number of matches, message response rate, and more. Invited members get premium features for free and increased visibility so they match with other high value users more often.

How to get invited to Tinder Select?

There is no guaranteed way to get invited to Tinder Select, but you can optimize your profile and activity to potentially qualify. Having an active profile for over 6 months, high Elo score, linked Instagram, filled out bio, recent high-quality photos, engaging conversations with matches, and fully answering Tinder's profile questions can help (Tinder). Ultimately, Tinder extends invites so continue using the app normally and wait patiently.

How much does Tinder Select cost?

Tinder Select is free for invited members. While Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscriptions typically cost between $9.99 to $29.99 per month, Tinder Select provides premium features at no cost. However, there is no way to directly pay for access to Tinder Select. Invitations are sent based solely on Tinder's internal metrics and evaluation of profiles.

What are the benefits of Tinder Select?

Members invited to Tinder Select enjoy several benefits:

  • Increased visibility - Profiles are shown to more potential matches, especially other high-value users.
  • Unlimited Super Likes - Can Super Like as many profiles as you want for free.
  • Free Boosts - Get your profile seen by many more people in your area for 30 minutes.
  • Exclusive access - Connect with other ambitious, interesting singles deemed desirable by Tinder's algorithm.
  • Premium experience - Enjoy Tinder's best features without any subscription fees.


How do I know if I've been invited to Tinder Select?

If invited to Tinder Select, you will receive an official invitation from Tinder in your Messages inbox. The message will explain that you've been identified as an outstanding member and offered access to Tinder Select for free. To join, just tap the "Accept Invite" button in the message. Your profile will then gain the additional benefits and visibility provided to Tinder Select members.

Can I request an invite to Tinder Select?

No, you cannot request an invitation to Tinder Select. Invitations are sent solely at Tinder's discretion based on their internal metrics and evaluation process. There are no options to sign up, apply, or pay for access to Tinder Select. The only way to join is by receiving an official invite directly from Tinder if your profile is identified as a top performer.