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The Secret Society of Tinder Select: How to Unlock the $500/Month Plan

Tinder Select is an exclusive, invite-only version of the popular dating app Tinder. It was initially launched by Tinder in 2016 as a premium service tailored specifically for elite users and the top 1% of the most attractive profiles on Tinder.

What is Tinder Select?

Unlike the regular Tinder app which is available to the general public to download, Tinder Select is not open for just anyone to join. The membership is restricted only to a select group of Tinder's most coveted users who receive exclusive invites directly from Tinder to unlock the service.

So while regular Tinder users swipe through a diverse pool of potential matches, Tinder Select hones in on connecting those deemed the most desirable according to Tinder's internal metrics. To access Tinder Select, eligible users have to first be identified by Tinder, then get approved for an exclusive invite.

This makes the dating pool of Tinder Select a much more exclusive club intended only for the hottest, most popular, and highest profile Tinder members around the globe. The high barrier to entry ensures only those select few can mingle within this top tier of Tinder users.

How Much Does Tinder Select Cost?

Tinder Select comes with an exceptionally high monthly subscription fee of $499. This makes it the most expensive tier offered by Tinder, even above the premium Tinder Platinum tier which costs $54.99 per month.

The $499 per month pricing puts Tinder Select well out of reach for the average dater. This ultra-high fee is by design to maintain the exclusive nature of the membership base. Only affluent users, including celebrities and the children of wealthy families, are likely able to comfortably afford the Tinder Select fee long-term.

Compared to Tinder's lower tiers like Tinder Plus ($9.99 per month) and Tinder Gold ($29.99 per month), the Tinder Select price represents a significant price jump. You're paying 50 times more than the base Tinder Plus subscription.

Some view the $499 per month cost as egregious and excessive for a dating app, even one with an exclusive member base. However, for the wealthy target demographic Tinder Select caters to, this premium pricing helps reinforce the elite status of the app.

Tinder Select Membership Benefits

The primary draw of Tinder Select is the exclusive access it provides to a pool of elite and highly desired daters within the Tinder community. As a Tinder Select member, your profile will only be shown to other Select members, providing a level of exclusivity.

This means you can connect with other ambitious, attractive, and discerning singles in your area who have also been granted access to this upper echelon of Tinder. Tinder Select members tend to be very active and selective with their right-swiping, so you can be confident your profile will be shown to many desirable potential matches each day.

Along with access to other top-tier members, your own profile will get special visibility benefits. Tinder Select profiles are prominently highlighted and rotated frequently to Select users to improve your chances of landing quality matches.

Tinder also provides concierge customer service to address any needs or issues for members of their premium Select platform. You can expect prompt and personalized support for your dating app experience as part of the high membership fee.

Overall, Tinder Select provides the ultimate hub to connect and engage with local elites and attractive singles in an environment tailored specifically for high-value users on the app.

Getting Invited to Tinder Select

Tinder Select is not a dating app that anyone can simply sign up for. It operates on an invite-only basis, with members needing to be invited by Tinder itself to gain access. There is no application process or sign up form available to the public.

Being invited into the exclusive Tinder Select platform is something that just happens organically behind the scenes if Tinder deems you to be a top tier candidate. There are a few factors that may make you more likely to get a coveted invite:

  • Having an extremely active Tinder account with a high volume of right swipes and matches
  • Maintaining a complete, verified profile with high-quality photos
  • Receiving consistently positive feedback and reviews from your previous matches

However, even if you meet this unofficial criteria, there is no guarantee that you will receive an invite. Tinder keeps the list of qualifying factors vague, and invitation decisions seem to be made subjectively by Tinder based on a certain je ne sais quoi.

Some Tinder Select members have reported receiving an invite immediately, while others with seemingly perfect profiles waited months with no invitation. At the end of the day, admission to the upper echelon Tinder Select platform is exclusively controlled by Tinder itself. The best you can do is put your best foot forward with an outstanding profile and hope to catch Tinder's eye.

Is Tinder Select Worth It?

At $500 per month, Tinder Select is one of the most expensive dating app memberships available. The ultra-premium pricing puts it out of reach for most people. So what do you get for that kind of money?

The main benefit of Tinder Select is access to an exclusive network of elite users. By joining Select, you'll be matched with other highly attractive and successful singles that meet the top tier criteria set by Tinder.

This can appeal to those looking to date and potentially find relationships within a certain echelon of society. Select members will tend to be high income earners, models, athletes, influencers, entrepreneurs, and other desirable prospects.

However, there are no additional features included with Select beyond access to this exclusive user base. All of the standard Tinder functionality still applies. Some may argue the premium cost therefore mostly pays for perceived exclusivity and status.

Ultimately, whether the membership fee is justified comes down to your personal budget and dating aspirations. For those who can afford it and want to mingle with an exclusive network of top tier singles, Tinder Select provides that service at a premium cost.

For the majority of users, the standard Tinder experience likely provides sufficient access to quality matches without such a prohibitive price tag. But for those looking to level up their dating life among society's upper echelon, Tinder Select presents that opportunity for the right price.

Responding to Unique Tinder Select Openers

Tinder Select members tend to craft extremely confident, humorous, and even outrageous opening messages. This reflects the elite, carefree personas many of these top tier daters aim to project.

When responding to a Tinder Select opener, it's important to show you can appreciate and return their humor and confidence. For example, replying to an over-the-top pick up line with a witty or sarcastic quip demonstrates you're on their level and can roll with the punches.

At the same time, don't be afraid to politely shut down truly inappropriate behavior if a message crosses the line. Tinder Select members may push boundaries further than average, but they still need to respect basic decency. A message like "Sorry, but comments about my body make me uncomfortable" reiterates your standards while still coming across playful if said lightly.

Overall, successful engagement with Tinder Select openers requires portraying yourself as confident, quick-witted, and able to handle risqué banter without compromising your self-respect. Show you can appreciate humor but don't tolerate disrespect. When done right, this balance makes Elite Daters more intrigued to get to know the real you.

Tinder Select User Demographics

Tinder Select caters to a very specific demographic within the broader Tinder ecosystem. Based on reports from members, Tinder Select tends to skew toward younger elite users in their 20s and 30s. While regular Tinder has a reputation for being used predominantly by millennials and Gen Z, Tinder Select seems to zero in even more on beautiful and successful people in these age groups.

The membership consists of high-net worth individuals like entrepreneurs, celebrities, models, and social media influencers. Their backgrounds tend to be affluent and privileged, with many coming from moneyed families or attending top universities and private schools. Geographic location also plays a role, with a high concentration of members based in trendy areas like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London.

Overall, the target demographic is the young, the beautiful, the rich and the elite. Tinder Select caters to this exclusive club by providing a platform where they can readily connect and meet up with one another. Regular Tinder users may occasionally encounter some of these jet-setting members, but Tinder Select allows the creme de la creme to mingle within their own rarefied circle.

Tinder Select Availability

Tinder Select has very limited availability, only being accessible in certain major cities around the world. When the exclusive tier of Tinder launched in 2016, it was initially only available in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris, and Singapore.

These cities were strategically chosen due to their large populations of wealthy, attractive singles looking for dating opportunities. Tinder wanted to test out the Tinder Select concept in top-tier markets with plenty of potential users who could afford the $499 per month membership fee.

Over the years, Tinder has slowly expanded the availability of Tinder Select to other affluent cities globally. However, the number of locations where it is accessible is still extremely small compared to regular Tinder. The company wants to maintain an air of exclusivity around Tinder Select, so keeping its launch cities limited is important.

Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, and Singapore continue to be the priority cities for Tinder Select and where most of its members are concentrated. By focusing on major urban hubs with large populations of young professionals, Tinder can provide the optimal user experience for Tinder Select members who want access to the most attractive and elite dating pool possible in their city.

The limited availability also generates buzz and interest in other locations, creating an aura of exclusivity and prestige around the ability to use Tinder Select. However, for most average Tinder users around the world, gaining access is still a far-off dream unless they happen to live in one of the select cosmopolitan cities where it has launched.

Tinder Select Controversy

Many have criticized Tinder Select as going against the inclusive ethos Tinder has built its brand around. Tinder was originally positioned as an online dating app for everyone, no matter your age, background, or appearance. The launch of the ultra-exclusive invite-only Tinder Select service was seen by some as promoting elitism within the app's ecosystem.

Critics argue that Tinder Select essentially formalizes discriminatory and superficial practices that were already problematic on the platform. They contend that catering to the top 1% of "attractive" users underscores issues with prioritizing certain appearances and body types over others. It reinforces negative power dynamics and hierarchies based on subjective measures of beauty or social status.

Some feel Tinder Select confirms suspicions that the app's matching algorithms already favored certain demographics unfairly. Even without the premium service, Tinder's systems were accused of giving more visibility to conventionally attractive, white, wealthy users. Tinder Select takes this alleged bias and makes it an explicit selling point, further alienating already marginalized groups.

Many have called Tinder Select a slap in the face to average users. The exorbitant $499 monthly fee makes it inaccessible to most people, dividing the app into the haves and have-nots. Some worry the inequality and resentment it introduces could spread beyond just the Tinder platform.

Overall, Tinder Select represents the dangers of monetizing exclusivity and elitism in online spaces. While Tinder is a private company, critics point out it has a social responsibility regarding the values it promotes through tiered memberships. Tinder Select seems to directly contradict the brand's original identity.

The Future of Tinder Select

The future of Tinder Select remains uncertain. Since its launch in select major cities like New York and Los Angeles in 2016, there has been no indication from Tinder about plans to expand the invite-only platform to additional locations.

It's unclear if Tinder Select will remain an extremely exclusive service limited to those initial launch cities, or if the company may look to open it up in other high-profile cities with affluent demographics that match the target user base. Industry analysts have speculated that expansion to international markets like London, Hong Kong, and Dubai could be likely next steps. However, Tinder has not confirmed anything.

Beyond growth in terms of geography, there are also questions around whether Tinder might seek to launch additional elite dating platforms beyond Tinder Select. Maybe a Tinder Platinum+ or Tinder Diamond for even more exclusive and high-net-worth users. Once again, Tinder has shared no information publicly about its product roadmap in this premium category.

For now, it appears Tinder Select will continue to operate as an extremely exclusive, invite-only platform in a handful of launch cities. But its future direction, in terms of expansion or spin-off products, remains one of the biggest unanswered questions around Tinder's top-tier offering. Tinder Select members will likely need to enjoy the service's exclusivity while they can, as changes could be on the horizon.