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The Ultimate Guide to Being #RelationshipGoals This Christmas

One of the best ways to make your love feel extra merry during the holiday season is to start your own Christmas traditions as a couple. Personal touches that reflect your unique bond will help create memories you'll cherish for years to come.

Make Your Own Christmas Traditions Together

Decorate your Christmas tree together while playing your favorite festive tunes. Mix your favorite ornaments from childhood with new keepsake ones. Include some silly ones too! Turn on the lights, pour some eggnog and admire your handiwork when you're finished.

Get crafty and make homemade ornaments with photos of the two of you - these make for great personal gifts too. Print out cute pictures of you together, modge podge them onto wooden discs, baubles or bells. Add ribbons, sparkles, wood shapes like hearts or words for special flair.

Adopt some classic Christmas traditions by baking holiday treats like gingerbread cookies, fruitcake or sugar cookies to share. Mix the dough while listening to Christmas carols before rolling it out together. Decorate with icing and sprinkles when cooled. Not only is this a fun way to get festive, but you'll end up with delicious homemade goodies too!

Exchange Thoughtful Gifts

Focus your gift giving on sentimental and meaningful presents that will make memories. Homemade gifts can be especially thoughtful, such as creating a cherished photo book documenting your relationship or a cozy blanket with a sweet embroidered message. Surprise your partner with concert tickets or plan a weekend getaway for two to show how much you cherish experiencing life together. Handwrite loving notes to accompany each gift, expressing what you love and appreciate about your relationship. Those heartfelt words will be a treasure to save and look back on for years to come.

Get Festive with Your Fashion

One way for couples to spread holiday cheer while looking festively cute is by rocking matching ugly Christmas sweaters or holiday-themed pajamas. Don your tackiest fair isle knits to take ironic photos worth sharing on social media. Search thrift stores together to find the perfect kitschy sweaters for an ugly Christmas sweater contest. For cozy nights in watching movies and making holiday memories, invest in his and hers pajama sets with prints like reindeer, snowflakes, or Christmas trees. Top off your looks with silly accessories like reindeer antlers, Santa beards and floppy red hats. Take photos posing under the mistletoe or in front of your decorated tree while decked out in your holiday best. Capture your playful side by wearing tutus, light up reindeer noses and other quirky embellishments. Do a holiday mini photo shoot to make a Christmas card you can treasure for years to come. By fully embracing the season's kitsch with child-like abandon, you'll make timeless memories and your love will glow even brighter.

Spread Holiday Cheer Together

One of the best ways for couples to connect during the holiday season is by spreading joy and giving back to your local community. Volunteering together not only brings you closer, but also puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Go caroling around your neighborhood to spread cheer door-to-door. Bring along some homemade cookies to give out while you serenade your neighbors with classic carols. Not only will you lift people's spirits, you'll create special memories together.

You can also look for local organizations that need help with food or toy drives around Christmas. Volunteering at a food bank to sort donations or assist with holiday meal deliveries is a meaningful way to support those in need. Help wrap gifts or play Santa's helpers for local toy drives and bring joy to children in your community.

Additionally, go through your closets and make a donation pile of gently used coats, blankets, gloves, and other cold weather gear. Look up local shelters or nonprofits who collect donations for the homeless or underprivileged families who need extra warmth during winter.

The holiday season is about giving, so focus your energy outward and spread cheer in your community. You'll feel your hearts grow three sizes bigger as you volunteer together and see the difference your generosity makes.

Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

Want to get into the Christmas spirit together? Set aside some time to cozy up and have a Christmas movie marathon. Make some hot chocolate and popcorn, pile on the blankets, and lose yourself in some holiday movie magic.

Watching Christmas classics together like Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, The Polar Express, and A Christmas Story is a fun tradition for couples. Laugh together at the antics, hum along to the songs, and cuddle close during the heartwarming moments.

Having a movie marathon is a great way to relax and reconnect during the busy holiday season. Turn off your phones, light some candles or Christmas tree lights, and give each other your undivided attention. Being present together and enjoying each other's company is what the holidays are all about.

Make your movie marathon extra special by building a blanket fort, wearing matching Christmas pajamas, or baking themed treats like gingerbread cookies or candy canes. Create memories you'll cherish for years to come.

Bundle Up for Seasonal Activities

There are so many fun seasonal activities for couples to do during the holidays. Here are some ways to bundle up and get out there:

Go Ice Skating at an Outdoor Rink

Ice skating during the holidays is such a romantic activity for couples. Head to an outdoor rink, lace up your skates and glide around the ice hand-in-hand. If you're a more experienced skater, try showing off some fancy moves or spins to impress your partner. For those still learning, stay close and hold on to each other for support. Pack some thermoses of hot chocolate or apple cider to warm up afterwards.

Take a Festive Walk to See Christmas Lights

Bundle up in your warmest winter wear and take an evening stroll together to see dazzling neighborhood light displays or walk through a local park lit up for the holidays. There's something so magical about seeing the twinkling lights during a romantic evening walk. Stop to snap some selfies in front of the prettiest houses. End your stroll at a cozy cafe for some hot beverages.

Visit a Christmas Market

Christmas markets are the perfect place for couples to get into the holiday spirit. Wander hand-in-hand between the festive stalls browsing gifts, ornaments, baked goods and more. Sample traditional dishes like loaded bratwursts, potato pancakes, mulled wine or hot chocolate. Don't forget to pick up a unique Christmas ornament as a memento. With the sound of Christmas carols in the air, lively crowds and colorful lights all around, Christmas markets are a one-of-a-kind seasonal experience.

Take Festive Couples Photos

What better time of year to capture your love than Christmas? Dress up in matching ugly sweaters or Santa hats and take adorable photos together to remember this special season.

Stand in front of the Christmas tree you decorated together and ask someone to snap a cute candid shot or set up a mini holiday photo shoot. Get creative with fun poses like sitting on Santa's lap, tying a bow on your partner or holding up mistletoe above their head.

Head to a local park or botanical garden's holiday lights display for a romantic evening stroll with perfect festive backdrops. Take photos in front of the illuminated trees, gazebos and light tunnels. Nothing says Christmas magic more than fairy lights!

Be sure to get that mistletoe shot by having someone hold it above you while stealing a kiss. Or take a selfie smooching underneath while wearing matching pajamas or onesies. Print out a few of your favorite pics to send as holiday cards or frame as decorations for next Christmas.

Plan Some Christmas Dates

One of the best ways to create Christmas memories together is to plan some festive and romantic dates. Here are some fun date night ideas to try this holiday season:

Go see the Nutcracker ballet - This classic Christmas tradition is a magical experience you'll both enjoy. Dress up and make a night of it by going out for a nice dinner beforehand too.

Check out a holiday festival or Christmas concert - Many cities and towns host Christmas markets, festivals, or holiday concerts around this time of year. Wander around hand-in-hand as you shop, eat, and take in the live music.

Rent a cabin for a cozy weekend getaway - Find a log cabin to rent near a mountain or nature area and spend a weekend basking in the holiday ambience. Curl up by the fireplace with hot cocoa and enjoy having the place all to yourselves.

Planning creative Christmas dates will help you bond and create priceless memories together this holiday season. Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

Make Holiday Memories with Friends

The holidays are all about spending time with the people you care about. What better way to celebrate the season than by making lasting memories with your partner and your closest pals? Plan some festive group activities to strengthen bonds within your friend group and give your relationship an extra dose of holiday cheer.

Host an ugly sweater party where you and your friends can don your gaudiest Christmas apparel. Supply festive treats like sugar cookies and hot chocolate, and make sure your playlist is filled with all the classics. Hold an ugly sweater contest and vote on the most hideous (yet hilarious) creation.

Have a Christmas karaoke night with your crew. Belt out jolly renditions of holiday hits and see who has the best singing chops. Award fun prizes for categories like “Most Festive” and “Santa’s Little Helper.” Get everyone in the spirit by wearing Santa hats and handing out candy canes.

A Secret Santa gift exchange adds mystery and excitement to your get-together. Draw names and set a spending limit. On the day of your party, everyone brings their unmarked gift and takes turns choosing and opening presents. Watching your friends try to guess who their Secret Santa is provides plenty of holiday hijinks!

Making merry memories together is what the season is all about. By planning festive activities with your partner and pals, you’ll check “have an epic holiday bash” right off your Christmas relationship goals list.

Relax and Reconnect

The holidays can be a busy time full of parties, shopping, baking, and more. That's why it's important to take some time just for the two of you to relax and reconnect amidst the chaos. Here are some cozy ways to strengthen your bond and enjoy each other's company this Christmas.

Exchange massages - Give each other full body massages using scented holiday oils or lotions to help you relax and bond. Surprise your partner with a foot massage after a long day of shopping to make them smile.

Spend a morning in pajamas cuddling - Make some hot chocolate or coffee and spend a lazy morning cuddling in bed or on the couch in your coziest holiday pajamas. Put your phones away and just focus on each other.

Play board games and listen to Christmas music - Break out classic board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, or chess and play together while listening to festive Christmas tunes. The games and music will get you in the holiday spirit while you enjoy quality time.

No matter how you choose to unwind, make time to nurture your relationship amidst the seasonal hustle and bustle. Slow down, get cozy, and remind yourselves why you're together in the first place!


How do we start our own Christmas traditions?
Focus on activities you both enjoy that reflect your unique relationship. Things like decorating the tree together while playing your favorite music, baking holiday treats to share, exchanging heartfelt gifts, or volunteering to help those in need. Starting small and building on traditions each year will help create lasting memories. The key is to keep things fun, meaningful and true to who you are as a couple.

What are some classic Christmas movies we should watch?
Some classic Christmas movies perfect for a cozy night in include:

  • Elf - Will Ferrell at his comedic best spreading Christmas cheer. Heartwarming and hilarious.
  • The Polar Express - A magical animated train ride to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Whimsical and nostalgic.
  • Home Alone - Hilarious holiday hijinks as a boy defends his house against burglars over Christmas break. A true comedy classic.
  • Love Actually - Charming romantic comedy following the love lives of Britons leading up to Christmas. Sweet, funny and heartfelt.
  • It's a Wonderful Life - Heartwarming Frank Capra film where an angel shows a man what life would be like if he had never existed. A moving holiday staple.

What are some fun holiday date ideas for couples?
Some festive date night ideas include:

  • Go see a live performance of The Nutcracker ballet. Dress up and make an evening of it with dinner before the show.
  • Check out a local holiday festival, Christmas market or concert. Shop, eat, drink and be merry together!
  • Rent a cozy cabin for a winter weekend getaway. Curl up by the fire, go for snowy strolls and enjoy having the place to yourselves.
  • Go ice skating at an outdoor rink. Glide hand-in-hand around the ice, then warm up with hot cocoa.
  • Take a stroll to see dazzling neighborhood light displays or walk through a park lit up for the holidays.
  • Have a game night in with board games, snacks, Christmas music and matching pajamas.

How can we spread holiday cheer together in our community?
Some ways to spread holiday joy together include:

  • Go caroling around your neighborhood to spread cheer door-to-door. Bring homemade cookies or candy canes to hand out.
  • Volunteer at a local food bank, shelter or charity. Help serve meals, wrap gifts or donate cold weather clothing to those in need.
  • Adopt a family in need to provide gifts and a holiday meal. Work with local charities to find a family you can help make the season brighter for.
  • Donate pet food, toys or supplies to an animal shelter. Walk dogs or play with cats to spread cheer to furry friends in need of adoption or assistance over the holidays.
  • Call or write letters to people who may feel lonely over the holidays like seniors, hospital patients or members of the armed forces. Your kind words can make a difference.

How can we capture the memories we're making?
Here are some ways to capture your cherished holiday memories as a couple:

  • Take festive photos in front of your decorated tree, fireplace or doorway. Get someone to snap a shot of you sharing a mistletoe kiss!
  • Have a mini holiday photo shoot wearing ugly sweaters or Christmas pajamas. Get playful with fun props and poses.
  • Visit a local holiday lights display or botanical garden for a romantic stroll with perfect backdrops for photos. The twinkling lights will make any shot magical!
  • Put together a photo book or slideshow of pictures from your favorite traditions and activities this season. Look back on it for years to come!
  • Create homemade ornaments with pictures of the two of you to decorate your tree. Modge podge photos onto wood shapes or glass baubles for a personal touch.
  • Keep a journal or calendar to record your favorite memories, moments and milestones from the holidays each year. Write letters to your future selves to open next season!