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Bumbles new VIP Plan: Bumble Premium+

Similar to Tinder's exclusive feature, Tinder Select, Bumble is introducing their own VIP Plan called Bumble Premium+. However, unlike Tinder, Bumble Premium+ comes at a reasonable price. In the following sections, we will discuss the exciting new features, pricing, and details of Bumble's latest addition, Bumble Premium Plus plan.

Bumble Premium+ – What Is Bumble Premium Plus?

Bumble-Premium_plus_vip_plan_01Bumble Premium+ is Bumble's latest addition to their VIP Plan lineup, offering exclusive features and perks for its users. This plan is designed for those who want to enhance their Bumble experience and stand out from the crowd. With Bumble Premium+, users can enjoy a range of additional features that take their online dating game to the next level.

One of the key benefits of Bumble Premium+ is the ability to fast track likes. This means that users can skip the line and have their profile shown to potential matches more quickly, increasing their chances of making meaningful connections. Additionally, Bumble Premium+ users have the advantage of standing out every day, ensuring that their profile remains highly visible and catches the attention of others.

In addition to these exclusive features, Bumble Premium+ includes all the benefits of the core Bumble premium service. Users can enjoy unlimited likes, access to the Beeline to see who's already liked them, advanced filters to refine their search, and the ability to browse profiles in incognito mode. The travel mode feature allows users to connect with people in different locations, making it perfect for those who love to explore new places or are planning to travel.

While Bumble Premium Plus can enhance your online dating experience, it's important to remember that it's not a magic solution for finding love. Working on yourself, engaging in hobbies, and presenting your best self through well-crafted profiles and photos will always be key to attracting genuine connections. Bumble Premium+ can be a valuable tool, but the real work lies in building meaningful connections based on shared interests and values.


Bumble Premium+ What Is It?, Bumble Premium+ Features, Bumble VIP Invite

Bumble Premium is the newest tier of Bumble premium (paid accounts). It offers additional features beyond the core premium product.

  • Fast track your likes
  • Stand out every day
  • See who’s trending

The other features are also included from the Bumble premium core service:

  • Unlimited likes
  • Beeline
  • Advanced filters
  • Incognito mode
  • Travel mode
  • 5 SuperSwipes a week
  • 1 Spotlight a week
  • Unlimited Extends
  • Unlimited Rematch
  • Unlimited Backtrack
  • Unlimited Best Bee likes


Bumble Stand out

The Bumble Stand Out feature is undoubtedly one of the most impressive aspects of Bumble Premium+. It automatically provides a significant boost to your profile during the app's "prime time" every day, ensuring that your profile is showcased above all other users. This exclusive perk elevates your visibility and increases your chances of matching with other women.

Bumble Trending Profiles

Another exciting feature of Bumble Premium+ is the ability to see who's trending on the app. These trending profiles are gaining traction and receiving a high number of likes, making them an interesting option to explore. While it's important to note that popularity doesn't necessarily equate to compatibility, it can still be an intriguing way to discover new potential matches.

Bumble Premium+ Cost, Bumble Premium Plus Price

Bumble Premium+ is available at a more reasonable price than Tinder Select, making it accessible to a wider range of users. However in our opinion it's still too expensive. It costs $39.99 per month or $79.99 for three months, offering flexibility and affordability. For those who prefer the regular Bumble premium plan, it is available at $27.99 per month or $54.99 for three months.

Is Bumble Premium+ Worth It? 

While fast tracking likes on Bumble Premium+ can be beneficial, it may not necessarily solve all your problems if you're consistently swiping outside your league. Instead, investing in yourself by focusing on personal growth, engaging in hobbies, improving your physical fitness, capturing better photos, and being more strategic with your likes can provide a higher return on investment. Bumble Premium+ is a valuable tool, but building genuine connections based on shared interests and values remains the most important aspect of finding love.

How To Get More Likes, Matches On Bumble

Remember, you don't have to pay for premium features or be a model to get more likes and matches on Bumble. There are several strategies you can implement to improve your chances of success. To discover these tips and tricks, check out our comprehensive guide on getting more likes and matches on Bumble without paying for premium. You don’t have to pay for premium, boosts nor be a model. To get more likes and matches on Bumble without paying for Premium, read this.


  1. What is Bumble Premium Plus? Bumble Premium Plus is Bumble's latest VIP plan, offering exclusive features designed to enhance the user experience. It's tailored for individuals seeking added perks and higher visibility on the app.
  2. What are the key features of Bumble Premium+? Bumble Premium+ offers unique benefits such as fast-tracking likes, ensuring quicker profile visibility to potential matches. Users also stand out daily, enjoy access to the Beeline, advanced filters, incognito mode, travel mode, SuperSwipes, Spotlights, and more.
  3. How does Bumble Premium Plus compare to the core premium service? While retaining all core premium benefits, Bumble Premium Plus introduces standout features like increased profile visibility during peak times and insights into trending profiles, enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. What's the cost of Bumble Premium Plus and is it worth it? Bumble Premium Plus is priced at $39.99 per month or $79.99 for three months, providing added functionalities at a more affordable rate compared to other premium tiers. Whether it's worth it depends on individual preferences and dating goals.
  5. How can users maximize likes and matches on Bumble without premium features? Achieving success on Bumble doesn’t solely rely on premium features. Improving personal profiles, engaging in hobbies, refining photo quality, and strategic swiping can significantly enhance one's chances of getting more matches and likes without relying on paid features.
  6. Is Bumble Premium Plus a guarantee for finding love? Bumble Premium Plus serves as a valuable tool for improving visibility and connectivity. However, building genuine connections based on shared interests, values, and self-improvement efforts remains pivotal in finding meaningful relationships.
  7. Can I access Bumble's exclusive features without paying for Premium? Yes, users can enhance their Bumble experience without paying for premium by following strategies outlined in guides focused on maximizing likes and matches without relying on paid features.
  8. How does Bumble Premium Plus compare to Tinder's exclusive feature, Tinder Select? Bumble Premium Plus introduces similar VIP perks to Tinder Select but at a more reasonable price point, offering users exclusive features to stand out in the dating app landscape.